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EVEN IF you’ve been turned down for a loan before!

At EMS we can help you get the money you need when other lenders say “NO!”
— because we specialize in non-conforming and hard-to-get mortgage loans.

Whether you’ve been turned down by a bank or mortgage company in the past, have less-than-perfect credit, too much debt or just don’t think you’d qualify – turn to EMS.

Our mortgage professionals work with you to determine the financing that’s right for you whether it’s a first mortgage or a debt consolidation loan. And with our online application, you’ll receive a FREE loan analysis in just 24 hours! There’s NO COST and NO OBLIGATION whatsoever. ACT NOW and watch your dreams come true … because when others say “NO,” our one goal is to get you “APPROVED!

Eastern Mortgage Service is known for being one of the best mortgage brokers in Massachusetts (as well as one of the leading Mass Housing lenders) offering extremely competitive mortgage rates and low closing costs. EMS is now a premier lender for underwater mortgage refinances under the new and improved Home Affordable Refinance Program.

Don’t worry if you’ve been turned down for a mortgage before! We’ll go the extra mile to provide you with a first mortgage when other banks won’t — even in as little as 21 days.

Why stay trapped in an apartment? Even if you’ve been turned down by your bank, we may have the special first mortgage program that could turn you into a homeowner.

EMS can also provide great CT mortgage rates, FL mortgage rates, NH mortgage rates, RI mortgage rates and Washington state mortgage rates if you are purchasing or refinancing a property in those states.

Attention small business owners! Struggling to get your business off the ground? Need capital without the hassle of going to a bank? Home improvements? Cash for any reason? Our broad spectrum of loan programs can make it possible, EVEN IF you have less-than-perfect credit. Plus, receive a one-year membership* to the Fran Tarkenton Small Business NETwork™ — absolutely FREE, when you fund your loan with EMS.

And for homeowners, EMS can finance up to 100% of your home’s value. That’s how much you can borrow with one of our refinance or home equity loans. Now might be the best time ever to…

Consolidate your debt into one low monthly payment and SAVE! Even if you’ve been late with payments in the past or don’t think you’ll qualify, you may still qualify to refinance your current mortgage to get the CASH you need. Pay off high-interest credit cards and consumer loans with one loan and ONE low-interest monthly payment.

Get your finances back on track with a home equity loan from EMS! Behind on bills? It happens. Medical bills, unexpected home repairs, emergencies, credit card bills, car troubles…all put a big dent in your monthly budget. With a home equity loan from EMS, we could pay off those monthly bills, help repair your credit and give you one monthly payment that’s much more affordable.

Whatever your dream is, EMS can help turn it into a reality with a second mortgage loan. Need to send your kids to college? Want to take a vacation? Add an addition to your home? Pay medical bills? Even with less-than-perfect credit, you can choose whatever you want to do with your EMS loan – it’s entirely up to you!

Plus, there’s no long wait! We’ll process your on-line application in as little as 24 hours. So, by this time tomorrow, you could know how much you qualify for — so apply now! And keep in mind that Eastern Mortgage Services is a direct lender. That means we process your loan. We underwrite it. We fund it. And we service it. There’s no middle man. And that means one-to-one personal service and more savings to you!

Don’t let this limited-time opportunity pass you by!

Complete your easy on-line application right away. We’ll process it in as little as 24 hours and give you a FREE loan analysis. Or call us at your convenience to speak to one of our mortgage professionals who are ready to help you.

But remember, no matter how you choose to respond, there’s absolutely no obligation. So act now!

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